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Because sometimes we just need someone to hold our hand...

Hello and welcome. My wish is for you to leave our website feeling hopeful and reassured that support is available and that you are not alone. I’m Emma and I’m the owner and founder of Emma Jenkins Wellbeing. I endeavour to support children, young people, adults and families to develop healthier mindsets with support, guidance and encouragement.

In person support

Sometimes we need to bring other people into our lives when we feel that we can’t find the answers ourselves. 

 My aim is to provide knowledge, empathy and support in the comfort of your own home so that life can feel more doable when you have your personalised emotional wellbeing toolkit to hand.

Virtual Support

Personalised support for you and your family’s emotional wellbeing, not restricted by distance. Working virtually has many benefits and I offer the same level of personalised service in virtual sessions as I would for in person support. This is about learning and taking steps to having a more positive mindset with a greater understanding of emotions and how to manage them.

Online Courses


Educating ourselves helps us to feel empowered. Things feel less scary when we have a better insight and our courses aim to give you just that. The courses are priced to be affordable and accessible to everyone – delivered with confidence and compassion.

Hi, I'm Emma

I know first-hand how isolating it can feel when you or anyone in your family is struggling. It can feel as though there’s no way through and we can become disempowered and despondent. As humans, our brains have a natural negative bias – so in simple words we’re hard wired to think the worst. Nobody tells us that we can do something about this and that we don’t need to stay feeling stuck.

And this is where and how I can help. With empathy, experience, knowledge and a whole lot of heart (I am a self-confessed softie) I can share ways to create new healthier habits. 

Whether you’re interested in a course, in person or remote one to one sessions, school sessions or an event or workshop – my wish is to provide you with the know-how to see situations differently and the skills to become unstuck.
Take Care,
Emma x

Way to Work with Me

I'm fortunate to work in many different settings and offer a variety of support services

One to One Support for children, young people and families, in person

The emotional wellbeing support I offer is always personalised and in response to the needs of the child or family. Once you decide I am the ‘right fit’ (and it’s okay if I’m not), I will come to your home on a weekly basis where I’ll learn more about the difficulties faced and provide sessions to address them. We’ll build trust, talk, play games, use creativity, practice breath work, learn about the brain, improve confidence in recognising and naming emotions. . . and this is just the start.

Online One to One Support for children, young people and families

Although, we won’t be meeting in person, the support I offer in a virtual capacity is very similar to in person sessions. Resources will be provided to download and print or there’s an option to book in for a package which includes print outs being sent by post. I will take time to learn about your child or your family and the support I provide will be planned around what you need. This will evolve over time and as progress is made with weekly sessions.

Mindset Maintenance

There are two versions of the Mindset Maintenance Package – one is for 16 and above and the other is for children up to the age of 16. Both packages include a downloadable journal to help you to keep track of your journey and some affirmation cards to remind you how incredible you are.
Mindset Maintenance is there to help you to keep on track whilst making improvements to your emotional wellbeing. This works as the next logical step to weekly support sessions, when you’re feeling more robust and confident in what you’ve already learned. The package still provides dedicated personalised support and encouragement in the way of regular check ins and virtual sessions. Available as a 2, 4 or 6 month package.

Online Courses

Life is busy and my courses are designed to be digestible, and bite sized. I want you to enjoy your learning experience and have been careful that the content of the material I share won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed. My aim is to help you to increase your knowledge and your inner-confidence which will allow you to create sustainable change, benefiting the life of you and your family.

Schools & Clubs

Space to focus on emotional wellbeing is essential and I provide this opportunity in the sessions I deliver to schools, colleges and clubs. Regular wellbeing sessions to small groups offer opportunities to communicate, learn and relax. The content is planned specifically to ensure that all attending will leave having learned vital skills to help them to understand and respond to their emotions. Learning to be more mindful encourages greater self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Wellbeing Days & Workshops

I can help you to shine the spotlight on the importance of taking care of our minds as well as our bodies. My interactive workshops are engaging and informative. I will share tools, tips and techniques which can be used anywhere and everywhere to help develop a more positive mindset. No two wellbeing days are the same and are suitable for all ages.

Emma helped us with a really tough family decision. It turned out to be the BEST choice we've ever made

Michelle & Kieran Rose

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